Friday, September 14, 2007

Where to Find a Michael Kors Handbag For Less Money

American fashion designer Michael Kors launched his women’s wear line at Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman in 1981. This was followed in 2002 by the men’s wear line, and later by MICHAEL, an upscale yet affordably priced range of clothing and accessories available to the public.

Michael Kors is ahead of the pack in the U.S. signature name in the luxury accessory and sportswear category. The company is known for its tradition of sleek and sophisticated all-American sportswear for the jet set. Their apparel, accessories and beauty products are emblems of the highest standards of quality.

Michael Kors handbags are coveted prizes, but are available from several locations. If you are looking into purchasing a genuin Michael Kors handbag, though, you will need to take steps to ensure that you are getting a Michael Kors handbag that is genuine.

Designer Exposure is a good place to purchase your original Michael Kors handbag. Designer Exposure carries the most popular lines of the trade name, including the Michael by Michael Kors handbags. Included in the collection are white mink Michael Kors handbags sporting chain handles in gleaming silver and the chocolate viscose tote with rabbit trim.

You can also visit either a Michael Kors brick and mortar store or their website and directly purchase a Michael Kors handbag from there. Besides being sure that all the products are the real thing, you also have the privilege of running your fingers (or finger tips in case it’s their Web site you have gone to) through the widest array of Michael Kors handbags possible. Michael Kors handbags purchased from their store carry a one-year limited warranty. The company is willing to repair a Michael Kors handbag free of charge if it is found to have any material or workmanship defect within the warranty period of one year.

One other site you might want to check out for Michael Kors handbags is Zappos, a popular online store the world over. Zappos has done away with a number of fine print and special rules to offer domestic shipping free of charge. There is no required minimum number of items ordered either or other special exceptions. Zappos believes that to give American customers the best online shopping experience possible, they should not be made to pay for shipment.

At Zappos every effort is made to process and ship your order in the quickest time possible. Zappos maintains an inventory of over two million products in stock, and replenishes its inventory daily with new styles, guaranteeing a diverse range and up to date offerings.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Do You Need Wide Widths Shoes?

Do you need wide widths shoes? Don't know where to find them? Here's an online guide to resources to help you get started.

There are many online retailers that stock wide widths shoes at great prices. is the perfect place to start. Just click on the tab labelled, 'wide shoes,' and you'll find search engine's for men's, women's, and children's shoes. Just choose the size width and style of shoe you want and you'll find just what you're looking for.

Another great site is Like, offers a great selection of wide widths shoes. Their easy to navigate site is both colourful and straightforward. Just choose between men's or women's shoes and then navigate to the size that you need.

If you want to simply comparison shop for wide widths shoes, then a more comprehensive site like Nextag apparel is a good place to start. A simple search brings up over 70 pairs of shoes to choose from, like sandals, athletic and even shoes for weddings. Their prices from their affiliates range anywhere from a reasonable $35.00 to over $100.00. Another good comparison site is, which offers worldwide shipping and great discounts on their shoes. Their easy to navigate site will insure that you will just what you are looking for in a jiffy.

Designer shoes also come in a wide variety of widths, and there are many online retailers dedicated to selling name brand wide width shoes. If you're looking for a pair of Rockport Interns or Tribunals, is the place to go. They offer 10-15% off of their already low prices, and free shipping, too! They also have a great selection of women's shoes for all occasions, like going to the beach or for running.

If you are looking for wide widths shoes, don't despair! There are many great sites online to help you find the perfect pair.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A little of history

Founded in 1999 by Nick Swinmurn is now the number one internet retailer of shoes. Zappos Shoes came to dominate the online shoe business by offering free shipping on every order. In fact, starting in 2007 they are offering free overnight shipping. This is no small thing and Zappos spent over $100 million dollars on shipping costs in 2006. In fact, they only just started earning a profit this year.

People love Zappos not only because the shoes ship fast and free, but because if they don’t fit or they don’t like them. The return shipping is also free. This makes shopping for shoes on the internet very convenient when compared to shopping at the mall or going from store to store. Add to that the huge selection of over 500 name brand shoes, and we have a winner.

San Francisco web designer Jon Adams describes his experience:

Adams ordered two pairs of shoes from the site. When one didn’t fit, he exchanged them for another size and style. Then he purchased a third pair.

“It’s super easy to order, and super, super easy to return stuff,” says Adams, who spent about $215. “It’s just such a hassle to go around to stores.”

If you are shopping for great deals on shoes that ship fast and free you can’t do any better than shopping at That why they are one of the Hot Picks here at Dream Closet Deals. Remember if you don’t like what you ordered, just send them back and continue shopping.

Zappos shoes e-commerce strategie

When you want to supercharge your e-commerce sales, take a look at Zappos Shoes and look at how they do e-commerce.

# Have you ever wondered why your website doesn’t rank in the search engines?
# Have you ever wondered why your Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine advertising programs don’t get the ROI you would like to see?
# Have you ever wondered why some sites like Zappos Shoes always come up near the top of the search results when you search for what they offer?
# Have you ever wondered how some companies seems to have an unlimited budget for Pay Per Click search engine advertising and almost always appear at the top of the search results?

Well, it helps that Zappos got started way back in the early days of e-commerce!, but they also set out to do e-commerce right, from the moment they went into business. Zappos pionered the free shipping and free returns business model to reduce the barrier associated with ordering something like shoes (that may be hard to fit) online. The might as well have coined the phrase “Enjoy Free Shipping”

They Zappos team also had the foresight to recognize the importance of search engines. They built their site to maximize search enigne exposure and designed the shopping process to match the way people buy shoes. It’s crazy, but to many companies, this is still a very novel concept.

In traditional advertising and even online banner and rich media advertising you can pretty much say what you want to say and as long as it has your logo and some call to action, you’ll get some clicks and sales and “build brand awareness”.

Online, the game is much different. When is the last time you saw a banner ad for Zappos outside of a coupon or shopping site? Most likely never. Zappos does run an affiliate program through Commission Junction and some sites other than shopping sites do pick up the banners but the point is, Zappos brand was and is not being built by online branding campaigns.

When a site offers amazing customer service and is organized to reflect the way you want to shop and is designed from the ground up to maximize search engine exposure, you don’t need to blow money on advertising to build your brand. Instead, cutomers will have a delightful brand experience after they find the site through a search engine and they will build your brand for you. Where do you turn to figure out where to shop online? If a banner happens to catch your eye, a banner or display ad might influence where you shop. Most lilely you’re going to turn to a search engine, shopping site or a favorite blog and then rave about your experience to everyone you know when Zappos delivers exactly what you wanted with FREE overnight shipping and hassle free returns if you need to return an item.

Next, lets look at the Zappos site architecture. When you search for almost any kind of shoes online, either a specific shoe size or a particular brand of shoes, Zappos turns up near the top of the listings. As mentioned previously, it helps that they got an early start and have had years to build up links. In addition to that, however, the site is very lean, relatively simple and low tech and therefore search engine friendly, easy to use, and easy to buy from. What makes it easy to buy from?
# It’s easy to find in the search engines and shopping sites
# It’s easy to find what you want once you’re on the site
# If you arrive via a search engine, changes are you are on the exact page that has what you are looking for
# The site loads lighning fast and is not bogged down by a bunch of bells and whistles like is
# You can sort products on a page any way you want to - by price, newest styles, largest discount, and numerous other sorts
# You can bookmark the pages with whatever sort order you want so when you go back to the site, you can view the products the way you wan to view them (this also helps tremendously for search marketing).

Zappos shoes

If you're like me you love shoes.

I love (no I get nothing out of saying this).

1 - free overnight shipping (both ways! - so if you hate them you can send them back free)

2 - reviews

3 - photos of the shoes from many different angles.

Check them out.

I've been buying from them for 2-3 years now and I have never been disappointed in their fantastic service.

Just wanted to share.